Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Spacenotes - Galilean Moon (Guitar Solo with Electric Bass) [Kevin Pedersen]

This week, I'm posting an update of a video I did a month ago. In this version of the video I am playing the electric Bass whereas in the other one I played along a synth bass I had programmed. It's nice to hear the difference and also it is nice simply play electric bass.
Take care,

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Here is a tapping rearrangement I did for a song from my band Spacenotes. The song is called "Wizard's Eye". It is a progressive rock song with electronic elements added. The name of the song refers to a massive storm that occured on the planet Neptune. 
Hope this is fun to watch! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bach - 11th Invention in G Minor

Here is this week's transcription of Bach's 11th Invention in G Minor.
I didn't use any particular technique in this invention. There are lots of scales, and sometimes grouped scales, and the notes aren't always easy to reach, especially if you choose to raise the tempo. Keep in mind that this is my personal fingering. Also, remember you'll need a 7 string for the left hand but you can always play notes that need to be played on the 7th string an octave higher if you don't have one.

Hope this makes good practice.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Bach - 1st Invention in C Major

Here is the transcription for Bach’s 1st Invention in C Major.
As for the 10th Invention I’ve made a “note+tablature” version and a “tablature only” version.
Also you’ll need a 7-string for the left hand. However, you can always just the play the few that need to be played on the 7th string an octave higher; you’ll only need the 7-string thrice in this invention.
Although the two parts can be played one at a time of course, it is really nicer to hear the two parts intervene with one another. Best is to find a partner or play this with a looper.
In this invention, a lot of the time you’ll be picking a high string with a down stroke and to this down stroke will follow an upstroke on a lower string. I tend to think these situations can be difficult at some tempos and worth looking at. There’s quite a few in this one.

Hope this makes good practice.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Acoustic Guitar Slap

Hey guys,

This week I've chosen to play a small tune I made with my grandfather's old guitar.
I do a lot of slap and a little plucking.
Hope you enjoy it.

Take care,

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bach - 10th Invention in G Major (Sheets)

This is my transcription for guitar of Bach's 10th Invention in G major. 
I have made a score with notes and tablature and one only made of tablature. 
Note that you will need a 7-string guitar for the left hand part and it will be the case in most of Bach's Piano work. However, in this particular Invention, you can probably manage something in drop-D tuning.
Even if this Invention can be played with standard picking, I find it interesting to try and use sweeping most of the time considering the important number of arpeggios in it. Something using tapping could probably be done as well.
Hope this makes good practice.

Bach - 10th Invention in G Major (Video)