Friday, November 22, 2013

Bach - 1st Invention in C Major

Here is the transcription for Bach’s 1st Invention in C Major.
As for the 10th Invention I’ve made a “note+tablature” version and a “tablature only” version.
Also you’ll need a 7-string for the left hand. However, you can always just the play the few that need to be played on the 7th string an octave higher; you’ll only need the 7-string thrice in this invention.
Although the two parts can be played one at a time of course, it is really nicer to hear the two parts intervene with one another. Best is to find a partner or play this with a looper.
In this invention, a lot of the time you’ll be picking a high string with a down stroke and to this down stroke will follow an upstroke on a lower string. I tend to think these situations can be difficult at some tempos and worth looking at. There’s quite a few in this one.

Hope this makes good practice.


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